Arcane: Bridging the Rift | Part 2 - Persistence (Or When Your Best Still Sucks)

  • Publicado el 10 ago 2022
  • The course of art never did run smooth. Meet some of the folks who helped pull Arcane through its darkest days.
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Comentarios • 1 383

  • Corey Burnett

    Everyone's talking about Christian, and he totally deserves the praise, but shoutout to Amanda and Melinda who genuinely saved and helped create the beautiful work of art we got

  • Skipp
    Skipp  +1

    Dude when Christian got pranked about the funding I imagine him laughing it off in the room and then leaving through the door and just collapsing immediatly from terror and relief xD

  • Dogebama
    Dogebama  +872

    Love the feel Melinda gave when she showed off her Annie Award she earned from before and how proud of it she was. Then Arcane went on to sweep the Annie their first season. Incredible.

  • Isaac Kwon

    Crazy that Arcane initially failing led to what are probably the two most beloved animations that Riot have produced

  • Maja a
    Maja a  +528

    i feel like arcane is a really important turning point in western animation. it shows that animation doesnt always need to be directed at children. as an aspiring animator i really hope ill get to work on something as amazing as this some day

  • Poptart
    Poptart  +901

    Who came up with the idea for this documentary? Everything coming out of Riot right now is straight fire.

  • Daniyar Sadykov

    You realize you are now OBLIGATED to publish the Director's cut version of the KDA

  • BILE
    BILE  +140

    Huge credit to Riot for not accepting "good enough" and being willing to stall the project in the pursuit of excellence. It doesn't happen nearly enough in movies and television.

  • Loreena Hansen

    So we have Amanda to thank for sustaining the Vi and Caitlyn relationship Xx

  • Folli
    Folli  +759

    So grateful that all this effort is being shared with us. Thank you to everyone that was involved and please take your time with season 2 of Arcane!

  • DeadlyLazer

    "if you're working on something with no pressure, or no feeling of being overwhelmed at times, you're working on something the world is gonna forget."

  • irleck
    irleck  +311

    Melinda sounds like such an empathetic and beautiful person, Im so glad all these incredible people came together and persevered through all the obstacles that were between them and the realization of the truly great series that Arcane came to be. Truly a story worth telling on its own!

  • Undeath Ghost

    Its crazy hearing how close to collapse Arcane came. It's heartwarming hearing that trust between members of riot, fortiche, and others that kept their dream alive.

  • SophiaWuvHeart

    I loved seeing how the women on the team drive the emotional care in the series characters, and the work environment <3 I look forward to season 2 take your time everyone <3

  • Kahiyao
    Kahiyao  +44

    After watching this episode, it now makes the Arcane finale even more poetic because of the constant feeling of losing and failing successfully. Arcane had to lose to gain wins along the way and culminated into a spectacular explosion of emotional chaos. I had no idea that RISE and POP STARS came from the ashes of the Arcane production halt.

  • asimmer14
    asimmer14  +283

    If I'm honest Arcane was the first tv series I watched without skipping parts of episodes. I normally get so bored when watching series but everything about Arcane was just breathtaking. I never watched anything better

  • Vicki Sigh

    so glad amanda and melinda were brought onto the team! they really helped transform crucial parts of the show and make arcane into the amazing series that it is! <33

  • Ampaya, Trisha Mae

    This was such a heavy episode, thank goodness for Amanda and Melinda for saving the series and boosting the team. Everyone did so good in keeping their hopes up when all things are crumbled. Would also love to read this in writing, with more behind the scene concept art. Please release an artbook Riot/Fortiche PLEASE!

  • Corey Wharton

    Amanda is the writer we deserved but never knew we needed!!!

  • 酒です
    酒です  +31

    And this is why Arcane is great.