K/DA - VILLAIN ft. Madison Beer and Kim Petras (Official Concept Video - Starring Evelynn)

  • Publicado el 12 nov 2020
  • Relinquish control. See just how dark your mind can go. Let Evelynn in. K/DA presents the official concept video for “VILLAIN” featuring Madison Beer and Kim Petras.
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    K/DA - "VILLAIN"
    Featured artists: Madison Beer and Kim Petras
    Written by: Riot Games and Bekuh BOOM
    Produced by: Riot Music Team
    Executive produced by: Evelynn
    Mixed by: Riot Music Team
    Mastered by: Riot Music Team
    Vocals performed by: Madison Beer and Kim Petras
    Vocal production by: Riot Music Team
    Additional vocal production by: Oscar Free and Aaron Aguilar
    P/C Riot Games 2020
    Madison Beer appears courtesy of Epic Records
    On the low
    Only love myself no more
    Take you to the grave I'll ghost
    I know I can be so cold
    In the dark
    Where I like to keep my heart
    Know I’m all bite no bark
    Like to catch you way off guard
    I’ll stay so deep inside your brain
    And take you somewhere far away
    Time to roll the dice
    You know I’m the type
    Type to risk my life
    Not afraid to die
    Type to make you cry
    Type to put a price
    All up on your head
    Do just what I said
    Imma straight up villain
    Straight up villain
    Yeah no feeling
    Yeah no feeling
    Straight up villain
    Straight up villain
    Yeah no feeling
    Yeah no feeling
    I’m alive
    But I’m dead
    Hear my voice up in your head
    Watch it fill you full of dread
    Till you go pow
    Now is it really a surprise
    If I’m playing with your mind
    And I treat you like prize
    Then I throw you to the side
    And am I really that bad
    If l love to make you mad
    And get happy when you’re sad
    Only care about a bag
    In control
    That's how I like it
    And I'm never letting go, nah
    Never had a soul
    So you ain't taking anything from me
    When you go, nah
    I’m alive
    But I’m dead
    Hear my voice up in your head
    Watch it fill you full of dread
    Till you go pow
    Bang bang
    You can do anything
    No fear no pain
    Listen to your brain go
    Go stupid go dumb go stupid and
    Then we go insane woah
    Just do what I say
    Follow me I'll lead the way
    I’m alive
    But I’m dead
    Hear my voice up in your head
    Watch it fill you full of dread
    Till you go pow
    Created in partnership with Trizz

Comentarios • 31 943

  • ZAMination
    ZAMination Hace un año +6

    Some of these shots look straight out of a horror movie.. 🥺

  • Jade
    Jade  +15

    this video is also a huge flex of animation skills..the direction, the textures, the movements and details...at this point, I'd love to watch a movie in this style. it can be literally about anything, just K/Da hanging out and jamming to songs or whatever

  • Tristan Mestroni

    Give everyone who worked on this a raise. holy moley the production is insane.

  • rhythmrecall

    I still can’t get over how brilliant “straight up villain” sounds like “evelynn”

  • ♕QueenZ Bangla Gaming♕

    Evelynn : Wait Girls I can Explain!

  • Sunshine
    Sunshine  +342


  • Fiora Gaming
    Fiora Gaming Hace un año +8

    I haven't seen anyone talk about the fluid animations. This is actually mind blowing considering that liquid animation is one of the hardest things. Props to the animation team!

  • Michael Musarra

    When you read Evelynn’s lore, you realize just how much this song fits her 👀

  • MiniWolfii17

    It looks so realistic and detailed- those graphics must have killed at least 10 computers

  • Cloverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    I'm obsessed with this song, don't get me wrong Ahri is one of my huge favorites in KDA but Evelynn's voice is BEAUTIFUL I love how she has such a deep voice but yet can make a gorgeous harmony.

    MVSXNSZN  +692

    kim and madison did what they had to do on this banger ..the lyrics, vocals…just wow..i’m mad at myself for not finding this sooner! 😍🖤

  • I’mTheBestYassGirlQueen

    The fact that I thought “This is a real person cuz there is no way this could be animated” That’s just how good it is 👍🏼

  • QlimaX
    QlimaX Hace un año +5

    Everyone's talking about the song, but can we take a moment to appreciate the animation for this? This genuinely looks like a rendering engine showcase.

  • Mars In Virgo

    I love how the entirety of this video, we almost never see evelyn in full, only isolated angles and body parts, but it still characterizes her as this circling predator with its aesthetics, like snake imagery, fire, and shadows

  • StonedStreamingNA

    The music is just gravy, the art is so well done it's mind-blowing

  • Ryan Speed

    This video is so unique, enthusiastic and mysterious on the way it portrays Evelynn’s thoughts and it just shows that she is not the person to be messed with. She is such a character in this video and the lyrics just somehow fit into every scene in the song. An absolute 10/10 with the lyrics, animation, and the ideas shown, and one of my favorite songs ever!!!🤩

  • Nemo
    Nemo  +162

    Imagine how much money they slammed on this masterpiece. Yes, it's a song about evil... But how well it is done... This graphics, this attention to detail, this MUSIC!!! Bravo, Riot games!!!

  • sahig floor

    OH MY GOD THIS IS SOOOOOOO AMAZING!!! Every scene is like a fever dream, so ominous, ambiguous, and just chaotic, but very satisfying. Everything is ethereal, the visuals and scenes horrifyingly blends well with the lyrics and the message of the song! So, so out of this world, omg, I could write a whole four-page essay just for the first 20 seconds of this video. What a great concept video!

  • HowToAwesome
    HowToAwesome Hace un año +20

    I feel like this is just the animators having a lot of fun and an unlimited budget

  • John So
    John So  +123

    Such a great song and video. Never thought I'd enjoy singing along a villian, BUT I DO, A LOT. Great song.