Community Yearbook | Star Guardian 2022

  • Publicado el 14 ago 2022
  • Thanks to your love and support, the Star Guardians shone extra bright this year.
    Featuring art from crownsforkings, SimzArts, GRRNELE, suqling, wandakunpls, atomicant_cami, ryuunart, ffsade.
    Here’s to the magic and all of you! 💕
    Star Guardian 2022 Event Site
    Star Guardian Comics - "Star-Crossed"
    Star Guardian Short Stories
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    League of Legends: Wild Rift - Free Download & Play
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  • b a n y a n i

    what a shame that the event itself has been overshadowed by its art and music, rather than outdoing itself gameplay and client-wise. there was so much potential :') I love the art and music and everything ABOUT the event, but not the event itself.

  • Matthew Sun

    Event performance aside, at least their art and aesthetic teams never miss

  • weegee
    weegee  +1

    "Look at all the fun times we had in ultimate spellbook!"

  • Nat DaOne
    Nat DaOne  +477

    I love how Rakan and Xayah’s relationship can be expressed with just the book cover.

  • Valmiro
    Valmiro  +325

    This would've been memorable if it was accompanied by a PVE event

  • Wolfgang D
    Wolfgang D  +680

    Riot's art team right now seems like the best team Riot has. The event was so beautiful, such a shame that for more than a week it didn't work for me at all cause I wanted to read all of the visual novel when I had time, and I couldn't even get rewards I payed for as well

  • Sevennth
    Sevennth  +793

    I like how there's Taliyah with the Avatar Aang rock trick in their group photo at the end and I immediately noticed it.

  • K. Granadillos

    Ahri's half heart and Sarah's thumbs-up!! 😭💗

  • Alex Econome

    This needs to be their next animated TV series (like Arcane).

  • T H
    T H  +115

    When the art is way better than the broken game event XD

  • Xanith DeGroot

    Can't help but notice that cover image with Ahri making half a heart and Miss Fortune giving her a thumbs up.

  • Sunooshine

    Finally, Sona and Seraphine together <3

  • Zard the Dragon

    Per usual league/riot is amazing at everything except league itself

  • Veronika ÙwÚ

    Как жаль что это событие заканчивается. Но спасибо вам большое за Звёздных защитников!)

  • LizzieTheRose

    I really hope the next SG event itself is an improvement from this year. I adore Star Guardians, but the frustrations with the event this year were awful. Please don't give up on this AU because we all love it so much. Just do better, alright?

  • K. Granadillos

    Wishing Neeko is there to complete their team. 🤧

  • V M
    V M  +51

    Seraphine and Rell is my new religion

  • Pebble Browser

    Is no one gonna talk about how Ahri's like "complete the heart Sarah!" and she just goes 👍lmao

  • Mariojonez
    Mariojonez  +129

    I would have loved the event if not for the client. Everything looks and sounds so wonderful. Shame the event was full of bugs and problems.

  • Ezreal
    Ezreal  +4

    That's all the Starguardian we need more Starguardian vlogs episodes I need this to be an anime series