A Twist of Fate | Cinematic - League of Legends

  • Publicado el 24 may 2013
  • The battle seems decided... until there is a Twist of Fate. Experience your favorite League of Legends champions as you've never seen them before in the new League of Legends cinematic, A Twist of Fate.
    Watch the Behind the Scenes video : bit.ly/16gHA3P

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  • Gabriel Urbanski
    Gabriel Urbanski Hace 2 años +10

    I love how accurately they show Tryndamere's ult cooldown, 5 seconds after its over he activates it again to fight Baron

  • Lucifer Morningstar
    Lucifer Morningstar Hace un año +4

    Tibbers in cinematic:

  • Beto Hernandez
    Beto Hernandez Hace un año +3

    You know Garen has the hots for someone when he intentionally misses a

  • Apollon Lebesis

    This animation is sick. Imagine if they made an animated series

  • Brianstorm
    Brianstorm Hace un año +1

    kat uses magic

  • Cutthroat X
    Cutthroat X Hace un año +9

    7 years ago,and still better than mobile legends cinematic

  • loke blade
    loke blade Hace 6 años +16

    League of Legends needs a movie.

  • Abbas Ismail

    So who's watching all the cinematics again after seeing arcane 😩😍

  • Nekaa
    Nekaa Hace 2 años +3

    garen almost kills katarina

  • Gomi Simpington Ch.

    I can't believe it took 8 years for this to have a series. This reminds me of my friend in highschool who was a huge fan of LoL. I wonder where he is now, he's probably so happy.

  • Michael Kahánek
    Michael Kahánek Hace 2 años +9

    Don't mind me, just comparing old fiddle to this new nightmare.

  • CelaLare
    CelaLare  +171

    8 years ago, we shouted that we want a movie or a series and now 2021, Riot has given us what we wanted and even more with Arcane

  • Neoprimal
    Neoprimal Hace 8 años +568

    Anyone else agree that Riot Games should make a Movie?

  • Skarlet Main
    Skarlet Main Hace 2 años +4

    Fiddlesticks 2013: Lvl. 1 Black Bird Thrower

  • Saturn
    Saturn Hace un año +102

    This was the trailer that made me want to download the game all the way back in 2013... it’s crazy to think that a game that had only been out for a third of the time that it’s been out for today produced a trailer like THIS. The graphics, the sounds, the selection of characters is so good for a game that was only out for around 4 years.

  • Polar Bro
    Polar Bro  +117

    still find it funny how Garen has a hyperrealistic model, while Annie's just there with eyes almost a quarter of the size of her head

  • megakirbyx
    megakirbyx Hace un año +1

    Baron: "Wtf is that Trynd ult cooldown?"

  • Awesomeguy Alpha
    Awesomeguy Alpha Hace un año +333

    8 years ago, and still better than the absolution sentinels of light cinematic.

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    2013: A Twist of Fate | Cinematic - League of Legends

  • Cyber
    Cyber Hace 2 años +965

    Imagine this, but with the reworked Fiddlesticks.