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  • Publicado el 22 ago 2022
  • The TFT Dragonlands Championship will feature a new format and the biggest prize pool yet. Join Michael Sherman, the Global Head of TFT Esports, as he gives you a sneak peek at what to expect during the Championship on November 18-20, 2022.
    Find out more info on Qualifiers and the TFT Dragonlands Championship at

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  • Mandala30

    Thank you!!! These are wonderful updates to the tournament format. I think players will really enjoy staying around for longer in the tourneys that they put so much work into qualifying for and for having all their games count toward getting into the final. Very excited for this championship now!

    SINDID  +3

    Riot: we listen to feedback

  • Taka Saga

    Cant wait for this update!

  • xoidace
    xoidace  +1

    This just got interesting 👍

  • Phạm Nguyên

    Hope next year we have Sea sever playing

  • protomyrr

    This "Dragonlands" always reminds me about "Dragonflight".

  • Why Smile

    cant wait for my favorite streamer k3soju to go eight POG man lezgo

  • Trung Quang
    Trung Quang Hace 21 un día

    Hope SEA server come next season..

  • belselin
    belselin  +16

    Amazing rewards for top 1-2!!!! I can be rich nowwith TFT!!!

  • Angela Orban
    Angela Orban Hace 21 un día

    Where can we apply for the competition ?

  • Benyi El alquimista

    Acabais de poner la última actualización y la pantalla de carga final va más lenta que nunca... ¿Por qué cada vez que hay una actualización el juego va más lento?

  • FerGie Games

    Traducction pls. Creen un mapa del bosque del invocador porfavor . 3 vs 3 aveces las partidas de 5 jugadores se malogran por el equipo pésimo que te toca.

  • Benyi El alquimista

    Ayer estuvisteis de mantenimiento de 6 00 a 9 00, hoy también, encima poneis un aviso que el juego estará disponible a las 6 35, son 7 20 y el juego no está disponible... la gestión de este juego cada día deja más que desear

  • Herald Arnold
    Herald Arnold Hace un día

    Hi, guys. To any serious League player, I'm writing this for you and for you to understand the serious implications this game has on your mental health. I've been playing this game for 6+ years on and off, but every time I invest any serious amount of time, my mental health suffers greatly-- a lot of this has to due with long grind this game promotes via ranked(used to be much shorter before the "mmr" changes), the overwhelming amount of low quality games that are infuriating, and the very "rigged" feel of matchmaking.


    Sadly it isn't available on SEA server.

  • TB1167
    TB1167  +6


  • Ramazan Çekmez

    aatroxa bi sinematik gelsin artık

  • برنس الأنمي | Prince anime

    يارب أتوسل إليك بحق إسمك الأعضم أن ترزق صاحب اليد التي ستدعــمنـــي با متابعة ورزق لاينتهي وتوفيق لانهايه 💖🕊️؛..

  • Mateo Colegial


  • Yuno
    Yuno  +1

    How do we participate in this championship? Has it happened before? Ive never heard of it