Arcane: Bridging the Rift | Part 4 - Musical Misfits

  • Publicado el 24 ago 2022
  • Renowned musical talent from across the industry assemble to fill the world of Arcane with sound.
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  • The Hutch

    No no no Riot you don’t understand. I want a 30 minute episode on

  • Mark Evans

    "You win the nerd contest", yea that pretty sums up everyone working on arcane 😆 outstanding work there's not a soul who isnt eager to see all of you working on this masterpiece. You blew the roof off and set the new high standards. Everything from now on will be compared to arcane and y'all should be proud

  • wearemako
    wearemako  +768

    one of the greatest projects ill ever be a part of. love this team so much, and so grateful to have the arcane community listening to the music we made, thanks everybody ❤️ alex

  • TAS Snoop

    I just realized, when we get season 2 we will likely get a bunch of absolutely masterpiece songs with it. I can't wait

  • Sam V.L.
    Sam V.L.  +834

    Man let me say this, the music was THE element that made Arcane, Arcane. I mean some songs still make me emotional by just listening to them and remembering the moment when I first heard it in the series, the combo of the events and beautiful music just made everything work perfectly without any mistakes or anything. It was perfect and thank you for changing my way of life by guiding me with your music. Respect Riot music team

  • BlackReaper23

    "The league audience will tell us how they feel" had me dead 😂

  • Jar'sa
    Jar'sa  +3

    Arcane had next level production on all fronts but the music...

  • Xavier George

    These guys just took insane artists, told them "Aight. Go wild" and threw them in the project. And thus, we now have a mind-blowing masterpiece 👏

  • drox
    drox  +118

    Christian's unwavering dedication and passion for a project like Arcane to come into fruition is so inspiring.

  • The Composer Himself

    It absolutely amazes me how incredible the Arcane team is. They deserve every inch of respect. Everything they create is just stunning.

  • Rifty
    Rifty  +1

    If you enjoyed the music then you definitely need to listen to Mako's album Fable. Since he worked on alot of the songs on the show it will be right up your alley.👌

  • Sachi
    Sachi  +1

    The Finale and "What could have been" by Sting had broken my soul and made me cry like a Baby. That was Peak Animation, Emotion and Music for Me, We will miss you Silco!

  • Joshua Anol

    The music in Arcane serves more as a method of storytelling rather than just aesthetic choices, and that's really cool

  • FCSV Azrael


  • Rainestorm
    Rainestorm  +647

    YES FINALLY AN EPISODE ON THE MUSIC! I’m a huge music nerd, it’s such an interesting and often overlooked part of any media, live action or not. It adds layers and amazing flare to a scene and is pretty difficult to nail down. Sometimes the music can make or break a scene, and with Arcane it absolutely makes the show 10000 times better

  • TomsonPRoDuctions

    Please take all the time you need for Season 2. Five, six years, more, we can wait. Another masterpiece is a far, far better product than a rushed but forgettable moment.

  • Rena
    Rena  +522

    I knew arcane was, wild but Christan is blowing me out of the water, this man is fricken barbie, he can do anything

  • Nathan Niel

    I love that they animated Ray into that theatre scene. He's amazing!

  • agentdvnvers


  • tia soni
    tia soni  +44

    The Sting choice was SO CORRECT. The way he sounds so RIGHT at the scene - it's very impressive.