Udyr Gameplay Trailer | League of Legends

  • Publicado el 4 ago 2022
  • Life is in the struggle, not the victory. Fight by instinct alone with Udyr, the Spirit Walker.
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  • るなめりあ

    i love how other champion's spotlights have flashy dashes or game changing mechanics. meanwhile udyr's just here slapping people in 4 different ways


    I like how they kept him a simple auto attack based character like he was instead of giving him 3 dashes like every new character in the last few years

  • Lonely Sandwich

    They reworked his abilites to fit the in game lore. It really looks like put in the effort on this update, so excited!

  • John G
    John G  +157

    I really love that they gave him a strongman body build now. It kinda also makes more sense reastically, when someone lives in a climate as cold as Freljord, you gotta have a little bit of fat with you, especially if one of your characteristics is meditating a lot.

  • latiaos11
    latiaos11  +382

    This rework is amazing, truly feels like an old classic brought back to life, looks very modern but the concept is very old league content and i love it

  • DSVoid
    DSVoid  +701

    The design team really nailed the feel and look of Udyr being a Primal, Shaman-Druidic, Viking Monk. This rework is perfect.

  • Hipyo Tech

    I finally have a champion I can relate to physically.

  • zuygj bnsv

    The Freljord has always been one of my favorite regions in Runeterra. So to see one of it's oldest champions get the rework he deserves just fills me with joy

  • Eduardo Ledesma

    This is amazing. At first, I was underwhelmed by the minor changes, but after remembering how I stopped playing League after the Aatrox rework, I can say this is a good rework. They gave him more complexity without excluding current players who like current Udyr.

  • Creature666

    Honestly the updated rework route would be refreshing at this point. The second I saw the ice phoenix I got excited.

  • bluebarrington

    I really believe Riot should focus on reworking champs for the next year and hype them like new champion releases. This and the Volibear rework were so epic

  • Loz405
    Loz405  +21

    These reworks are so much more interesting than releasing new champs, I like this trailer more than I like the entirety of Zeri, Nilah and Samira

  • Oinkleberry // The Reasonable Extremist

    Was kinda hoping they kept the original voiceactor but otherwise I love everything I'm seeing here. I like that he had a competition strongman's body type as well instead of another Mr. Universe bod.

  • Regdu Geht

    Love when Riot reworks older champions :)

  • Larry Nguyen

    Its really cool that his stances now reflect the demigods in league. Can't wait to try it out

  • Suzuku Naki
    Suzuku Naki Hace 14 días

    Yes I very much agree on the rework on old champions like this ( kinda miss Udyr's design with animal hide though ) in order to balance the gameplay side.

  • albi
    albi  +2

    I remember my grandpa telling me about the udyr rework, he would have been so happy to see this

  •  Vapersmith

    The Udyr that was always meant to be is finally here and he will finally be truly Epic to watch!

  • Roger

    Now I will definitely wanna main Udyr

  • Kassaken

    More champs need to be revived like this, or at least AGU remodels. Vlad desperately needs it 🤕