Steel Valkyries 2022 | Official Event Trailer - League of Legends

  • Publicado el 24 ago 2022
  • Load up, lock in, and fire at will.
    Deliver destruction to your enemies with new Steel Valkyries skins, chromas, emotes, icons, and the Ultimate Spellbook game mode.
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Comentarios • 957

  • Dakota McElroy

    Can we make these 'events' actually feel like events and not just a reason for you to give us another battle pass.

  • Drakhesh

    Calling this an event when we just came out of an exact same event really just feels like a resort calling every hour a happy hour.

  • Zerocharade

    I remember when League used to have rotating game modes, fun pve events, a 3v3 map. Now its just 5v5 and ARAM, and maybe URF or something on a rare occasion

  • YT PM
    YT PM  +2

    Give us a PvE event again, please

  • Pepe el Trompetas

    Can't wait to play 30 Games again and feel like I'm not part of the event at all since there is no ingame content that gives that sensation!!!

  • Trim 1
    Trim 1  +69

    I love the moment when Riot said "Its tokening time" and tokened all events.

  • some epic boye xd

    yay another project reboot, i sure do love getting 2 orbs and 100 tokens + eternal capsule for the 17th time, rlly brings originality and new experiences into this addictive game

  • Guilherme Cravina

    This isn't an event, Riot.

  • cinnabonsoftware

    Starting another event before fixing the rewards issue with the last pass that literally ended yesterday. Very cool!

  • Askar
    Askar  +157

    imagine calling this an "Event" and being satisfied with it

  • Ar Thur
    Ar Thur  +63

    I remember when I started playing the thing that captivated me the most were the various rotating modes of events, not to mention the themed maps. What have you become, Riot?

  • GatorGold
    GatorGold  +181

    Riot, can you please focus on quality over quantity for events, at this point we have an "event" every other week.

  • Jamie Bixby

    It's not exactly an event if there's not even a single patch between them

  • Jintachi_
    Jintachi_  +452

    After the last event and the bugs, ill pass on this one lol

  • justanother guy

    the fact that they changed event without changing spellbook game mode or removing it is dipressing

  • Zayn Goodman

    I'm glad people r being vocal about their dissatisfaction in the " event" I think we should all boycott this event just to send a message give them less money and they will HAVE to change it

  • Meshgate
    Meshgate  +134

    Giving lucian laser guns and white armour?? Daring arent we today Riot!!

  • Dev C.
    Dev C.  +68

    For those of you who can't see the dislikes, it is currently 1.8k likes to 4.3k dislikes; I'll be back to update the ratios

  • Hamza Aksoy

    All I need is the winter map comeback 😫

  • dan ranger

    the best thing league has done for fresh new gameplay was back when nexus blitz came out. Odyessey event is still my favourite