Legends of the Lagoon | Chibi Champion Showcase - Teamfight Tactics

  • Publicado el 20 sep 2022
  • Dive in with new Chibi Champions Kai’Sa and Dragonmancer Kai’Sa.
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Comentarios • 318

  • Shaco
    Shaco Hace un día +161

    These Chibis have more animation, lore and higher quality than Shaco's entire being.

  • Ray jin
    Ray jin Hace un día +130

    I don't want this set to end... I love tempest trait.

  • ChamPropaganda
    ChamPropaganda Hace un día +13

    I love how her dance plays a motif from her champion theme

  • Filet Leon
    Filet Leon Hace un día +45

    Oh my goodness.... GOOD LUCK to everyone wanting to get Kai'Sa!!!

  • Sweet Histortea
    Sweet Histortea Hace un día +22

    A chibi Star Guardian Kai'sa would also be adorable!

  • Brendodo
    Brendodo Hace un día +16

    it's really disappointing that to get dragonmancer kai'sa you have to buy eggs that contain two of the oldest little legends, when for dragonmancer lee sin you buy eggs that contain the newest two little legends

  • Aditya
    Aditya Hace un día +2

    I'm glad they used the Wildrift Dragonmancer cinematic music for this trailer. Really cool.

  • Anny
    Anny Hace 9 horas

    I want it so bad this chibi omg

  • Xavier Burval
    Xavier Burval Hace un día +6

    Omg she is so amazing. Sad I can’t buy her :(

  • Valentin Robart
    Valentin Robart Hace 9 horas

    I want it so bad chibi dragonmancer kaisa 🥺

  • LoL FZ
    LoL FZ Hace un día

    I honestly just want 2 different chibis !!!

  • Ryan Wilson
    Ryan Wilson Hace un día

    I really wanna see Chibi Shen :D

  • Nefarix-Marac
    Nefarix-Marac Hace un día

    yes , finally Chibi kai'sa is here

  • Wild bard
    Wild bard Hace 12 horas

    Chibi Kai'Sa looks so cute!

  • Yoko Sama
    Yoko Sama Hace un día +1

    One day....i start crying cause will be cute chibi Zyra too :')

  • Noah Van Der Vuurst
    Noah Van Der Vuurst Hace un día

    Nice, i was waiting for a kaisa buff!

  • Half baked lays chip
    Half baked lays chip Hace un día +9

    All I want personally is a theme for fright night

  • Frostyfrickles
    Frostyfrickles Hace un día

    I absolutely love this. I just hate that you’ve put it behind a $250 loot box. It’s so unhealthy that you simply can’t just buy it. It you made it 1800RP, I’d rather know how much it is and pay for it than get 20 useless tacticians that I won’t ever use.

  • God’s Gif
    God’s Gif Hace un día +2

    Omg she is absolutely precious!!!!!

  • PhotoHorse
    PhotoHorse Hace un día +1