Devs Spill the Beans: Aurelion Sol Gameplay Update | Dev Video - League of Legends

  • Publicado el 14 jul 2022
  • Producer Rob “Riot KingCobra” Rosa talks about why he loves Aurelion Sol and what’s in store for the Starforger’s gameplay update.
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Comentarios • 2 377

  • Gold Light

    I honestly feel like LoR did Sol more justice than League ever did. He’s so laughably underpowered in LoL, but the card game makes him a high-cost, high-stats unit who’s insanely tough to take down. I feel so much satisfaction whenever I summon him because it feels like a genuine game changer, especially when he hits level 2.

  • Henry Ackerman

    "he's one of the most powerful characters in the lore and we want his kit to reflect that"

  • RichieGonzo

    As someone who put about 200k points into him honestly I loved the fact that A Sol was so unique in the sense that he had a central gimmick entirely unique to him that his whole kit revolved around (the stars) so I just hope they can keep that level of uniqueness for him.

  • PinkoLP
    PinkoLP  +605

    "He is the most powerful champion in our lore, and we want his gameplay to reflect that"

  • Apex Gale
    Apex Gale  +298

    Give him a spell that grounds you! The dragon is literally creating stars. Some stars have incredibly powerful gravitational fields, come late game Sol star should basically be his way of saying "did you really think you could dash with this much gravity crushing you?"

  • Buzás Péter

    I feel like he needs to “create” someting that changes the rules a bit to reflect the god fantasy a bit more. Kinda like how Ornn upgrades your items

  • Baker 80500

    Hey honestly these kinds of videos are really chill, it's a nice take on how the communication should be done with the community :)

  • Kamek's Apprentice

    You've got to love how Veigar feels more like a lategame mage with godlike powers than Aurelion Sol.

  • Bumerang
    Bumerang  +28

    Dude, Aurelion sol is the only character I purposely want broken.

  • xMagicalDanny

    His R should be changed to a circle around him and have the option to push out enemies with a quick tap of R while pulling in enemies when holding down R to reflect the idea that he has the ability to manipulate gravity as he pleases.

  • Nivahri
    Nivahri  +23

    I feel like you should be able to fly over walls and everything like his E does now. But you control the movements and not just flying in one direction. Would also be more fitting to the actual gamestate as kayn and Zeri also can go through/ over walls easy.

  • jacking the black thing

    I think his card design in Legends Of Runeterra is what made players realize what can really be done with his thematics. In Legends Of Runeterra he's a massive unit with a game ending effect. Pretty good for a dragon that holds stars in the palm of his hand. Whereas with League, the only part of his kit that fulfills that fantasy is the growing Q mechanic. More of that please.

  • Wolfgar!
    Wolfgar!  +676

    If I might make a suggestion; maybe have Asol increase in size alongside his spells! Part of the reason his current fantasy is underwhelming is because you're playing a colossal space dragon who has been shrunk down to the size of any other human character. Embody the space dragon idea, make him become as vast as space itself.

  • Keru san

    This is awesome. Bob seems to be the best guy to have had this project because of how passionate he is about ASol and honesty I'm living for it. The ideas sound great! I'm sure if you guys take your time and put your head and hearts together this Gameplay update is gonne be awesome.

  • John Dough

    Hey this was awesome! I'd love to see more videos of the devs sharing their ideas and expressing their joy over characters we all love.

  • Onyxe Blade

    I absolutely love these character development type videos. I sincerely hope you guys achieve your desired changes for Aurelion Sol

  • Apenas Otaku

    Medo do Rework, eu já amo o Aurelion sol do jeito que ta

  • Nobody
    Nobody  +1

    I love Aurelion Sol and one of the major factors on that are his voicelines. One of the characters that have the most amount of interactions in this game. if he was realesed today when Riot gives less V.O to other characters, he wouldn't have that much appeal to me.

  • skrilllfury 21

    Honestly a pretty cool idea could be related to either his passive or his ultimate, where he essentially breaks his chains for a brief moment and gets to rain starry destruction on his enemies. For the passive version, something like a certain amount of hits with his stars (although he might not be keeping those) grants him a sharp boost for a small amount of time. For an ultimate version, well, a sharp increase in punch and range would go a long way for the thematic.

  • Somnia
    Somnia  +22

    I'm going to really miss his rotating stars. I think that, that is one of the most interesting abilities in all of League and there is just so much skill expression there and it'll be a shame to lose it