Making of Everything Goes On w/Porter Robinson | Star Guardian 2022

  • Publicado el 17 jul 2022
  • From the skies of early ideation to final sound lock, Porter Robinson details his musical journey behind “Everything Goes On," the official music video for Star Guardian 2022.
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  • LeeandLie (AmaLee)


  • フェイリス

    Reminiscnet of the time I used to watch the BTS of Porter making Shelter's music and MV. I just can't believe how beautiful "Everything Goes On" turned out, be it the amazing song or the touching animation, it was absolutely perfect and the entire SG2022 event finally gave me that last push to start playing League and icl it's been a fun few days

  • Pendarr
    Pendarr  +992

    Beautiful. I always love hearing Porter talk about his creative process and what's going through in his mind when he is making the music I love to listen to. That was so neat to see a bit of the symphony playing the song as well! I figured he just used a synthesized sound for those beautiful strings in the song but to see that it was actually done with real instruments, well, it just makes sense why they stand out so gorgeously in the song. :)

  • drox
    drox  +573

    Being a long time fan of Porter and seeing him come this far spawned tears in my eyes. He knows how to access the emotions and feelings hidden within the heart's deepest corners with his work. This theme and the song just exude radiance and comfort all over.

  • TheThunderkatana

    Man… Porter is such a breath of fresh air. True artist who captures nostalgia so well

  • Gage
    Gage  +116

    It's crazy how this guy's music helped me through the lowest point of my life, no other music has touched and healed my spirit like Nurture did. Hopefully he'll compose something for the Kingdom Hearts series one day.

  • Blue
    Blue  +462

    Truly A Work of Art, Loved this song and all the music they created for Star Guardians.

  • iKatherinex1

    that's my most favourite lyric ever in the song "Don't look for me, I'm just a story you've been told." it can apply to anyone who misses someone or something in their life <3 you can't help but think of that one special scenario in your head when you hear that part of the lyrics

  • The Composer Himself

    This song is a true masterpiece. It really hits hard when I listen to it during difficult times. There’s just something so special about Porter’s music. Sometimes, it reminds me of something heartbreaking, other times, it’s full of hope. I truly admire him and his endless creativity and musical expressions. I get really emotional and start crying every single time I listen to one of his songs… but everything goes on!

  • Lexxaman
    Lexxaman  +149

    I once cried reading comments, while listening to one of his songs, Goodbye to a world.

  • FindingALife

    I ain't gonna lie after first time listening to "Everything goes on", I quickly fell in love with it, the SG story and most of all Porter's Voice. The song really gives me nostalgia like I'm reliving my childhood and it has magical vibes in it where I feel like I'm in a fantasy world!

  • MadTeeJay
    MadTeeJay  +25

    I love how everyone in the comments knew Porter Robinson before league and its amazing to see two titans which the communities already pulled together, coming together and doing something that actually exceeds our expectations and meets what we desired from these two forces together. Thank you RIOT and Porter :)

  • LittleLioness00

    Porter has this gift of pulling an emotion out of a person through his music and lyrics and he just keeps getting better and better with each release. This song hit me so hard when I first heard it with the Start Guardian premiere because it helped round out this story to help you feel for the characters. Then sitting down and listening more to the lyrics, hit me harder becaue of someone close to me being in late stage dementia. "Don't look for me, I'm just a story you've been told." and "Then I felt you on my shoulder, and you weren't suffering anymore" just...wrecked me. Thanks Riot for bringing in such a beautiful artist for this event.

  • Rimuru Tempest

    Please god and all that is holy, I wish Riot will surprise drop a Star Guardians Anime or an OVA. The chances of that is as low as the PVE happening, but please let it happen. I’m huffing dangerous and borderline lethal amounts of copium right now, so please let me at least die in peace.

  • Come Fast to take glimpse of my body

    Porter has already captured our emotions through Shelter, that's more than enough for me to look forward to.

  • Pingu in the city

    I will always be enraptured by how porter is able to write songs that feel like just a glimpse into an expansive world. Songs like ‘sad machine’, ‘years of war’, ‘shelter’, ‘unfold’ and now ‘everything goes on’ all feel like snippets from stories that would take hours to understand. What’s amazing about these songs though is despite only being 3 minutes out of these larger journeys, they can somehow make you feel as though you understand all the emotional weight behind them, even with only those blissful 3 minutes.

  • Steven Branas

    I went to one of his concerts a few months ago and he was honestly so honest and raw and kind as a person that jamming with him and hearing him pour out all the emotion he has for his songs was such a treat. I felt the same way when I heard the song for the first time, and now again after watching this. Porter truly is such a gem of a human being.

  • Joshua
    Joshua  +52

    I gotta check out his music. He seems really genuine. And this song still make me cry still. I love 2 paths they were going with kai'Sa and Xayah. But for me, Xayah and Rakans hits me more. Star Guardian is on the top of lore when it comes to league.

  • KunaTheKiller

    Every time I listening to this masterpiece, my tears comes on their own.

  • basilisk1997

    When I heard the song the first time I didn't think much of it... I guess I was also mostly focused on the beautiful animation. But I've been coming back to it every day since for some reason and get extremely emotional every time I hear it. No idea why, this song just brings out certain memories and feelings for me.