The Blind Monks | Chibi Champion Showcase - Teamfight Tactics

  • Publicado el 5 sep 2022
  • Channel the power of Dragons with Chibi Champions Lee Sin and Dragonmancer Lee Sin.
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Comentarios • 161

  • Jumpscare Rodent
    Jumpscare Rodent Hace 28 días +397

    That moment when the Lee Sin chibi has better animations than the champion

  • PillowBurger
    PillowBurger Hace 28 días +181

    Ah yes the blind monk that can be blinded even though he's already blind

  • ascvb3
    ascvb3 Hace 28 días +19

    The chibi cutscenes are cool. The hate seems pretty unjustified; they're not even long.

  • Dakota Thompson
    Dakota Thompson Hace 28 días +49

    I kinda want a corporate mundo chibi next and the final kill animation would just be him making you go bankrupt

  • ひかり•エムジHIKARI EMUJI

    i love the way his ward is there

  • C. Amanda
    C. Amanda Hace 28 días +5

    dragon and lightning suits well....Very impressive :)

  • myPynot
    myPynot Hace 28 días +2

    We all knew that was coming, especially with the lee sin buff they did on PBE for early 7.5 set

  • SoulBloomer
    SoulBloomer Hace 28 días +14

    Honestly think his killscene should be an insec

  • wqwe qwet
    wqwe qwet Hace 28 días +20

    Three blind monks. Three blind monks. See how the fight. See how they fight.

  • Builder Bob
    Builder Bob Hace 28 días +6

    Was really hoping lee would just yeet the little legend off the map for the finisher as a callback to old in game 5 cost lee.

  • Jiafei
    Jiafei Hace 21 un día

    is the execution animation default do i need a special thingy on top of the chibi lee sin?

  • Taylor Drummond
    Taylor Drummond Hace 21 un día +5

    I think it's a waste not make chibi form of atleast one of the two ACTUAL DRAGON Champs for the DRAGON tft set, missed opertunity. And I know asol already kinda has one but shyvana would've been cool.

  • Don't read profile photo
    Don't read profile photo Hace 28 días +2

    We can all agree that he never disappoints us with his content ⁦⁦💐

    FRANK Hace 28 días +9

    funny how lee sin does a ward hop on a blue trinket when he can't never do that on normal league i think, still cool details tho

  • Laconic
    Laconic Hace 28 días +1

    Lol that one emote referencing how people have to train Lee sin mechanics in training tool. Good one.

  • Otavio
    Otavio Hace 28 días +2

    OMFG... i need that lee

  • Bael Frost
    Bael Frost Hace 21 un día

    Ah yes Chibi, moonton's starting to add chibi heroes on there auto chess mode.

  • Latina
    Latina Hace 21 un día

    🌊 Please Riot create Chibi Nami/River Spirit Nami and Chibi Qiyana 💚💙💛👑 my dream!

  • Arcane
    Arcane  Hace 28 días

    Lvl 3 Lee sin kick is more satisfying than this cutscene

  • Un Hurte
    Un Hurte Hace 28 días +32

    Community: hates cutscenes rubbing it in when you lose, with the most annoying weeb champ.