A Day at the Dragon Spa | Little Legend Showcase - Teamfight Tactics

  • Publicado el 8 sep 2022
  • Hop on in - the water’s fine! Enjoy the chill vibes of Choncc’s Splash Resort with the Convergence’s newest Little Legends Prancie, Bungo, and Dragon Trainer Pengu.
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Comentarios • 123

  • Merrick
    Merrick Hace 21 un día +133

    this is such a cute showcase 😭

  • opposingcritter
    opposingcritter Hace 21 un día +69

    I hope we can get these pets in riots mmo when released

  • Hello There
    Hello There Hace 21 un día +19

    Can i just say this Riot actually can create a pokemon like game with the little legends in tft and the one in lor

  • Hadi Diab
    Hadi Diab Hace 21 un día +2


  • Enryu Wolfgang
    Enryu Wolfgang Hace 14 días

    Please make the upcoming champ that holds the darkin dagger a baddas wolf like Fenrir

  • Cristian Agopian
    Cristian Agopian Hace 14 días +1

    Arena looks so cool.. wanted to get it instantly.. sadly it's from the gatcha so that's never hapening... that's just sad, riot :(

  • Der Andi
    Der Andi Hace 21 un día +2

    This gotta be the best battlepass for tft yet, I scrolled trough the rewards and didnt even have to deliberate if it is worth buying

  • ParanoidNut
    ParanoidNut Hace 21 un día

    I hope they could make a game mode of a good old Masteries and replace the old Runes or make a new casual meta.

  • DaRealCammyG
    DaRealCammyG Hace 21 un día

    remember this arena costs over £100 if you have to use the "bad luck protection". Which, if were honest, will definitely be the case

  • Ganondoodles
    Ganondoodles Hace 21 un día +46

    i WOULD give you money if i could buy the arena by itself without the whole gacha garbage you know, you can make these as cute as want but you are not getting me into gambling.

  • Sarina Fehr
    Sarina Fehr Hace 21 un día

    Is this the final pass board or the one you have to get from eggs?

  • Vince Lumontad
    Vince Lumontad Hace 21 un día +19

    Nappa: "Hey Vegeta, what does the Scouter say about this Cuteness Level?"

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black Hace 21 un día

    Does anyone know when this becomes available to purchase on pbe? Cause the battlepass hasnt been buyable for 1-2 weeks

  • yor 3
    yor 3 Hace 21 un día +7


  • Ranoru Nadaira
    Ranoru Nadaira Hace 21 un día +3

    Imagine spending 200$ for this

  • Herald Arnold
    Herald Arnold Hace un día +1

    Hi, guys. To any serious League player, I'm writing this for you and for you to understand the serious implications this game has on your mental health. I've been playing this game for 6+ years on and off, but every time I invest any serious amount of time, my mental health suffers greatly-- a lot of this has to due with long grind this game promotes via ranked(used to be much shorter before the "mmr" changes), the overwhelming amount of low quality games that are infuriating, and the very "rigged" feel of matchmaking.

  • jose julian granados ortega
    jose julian granados ortega Hace 21 un día +3

    Kent-Mortdog > All league developers

  • Ana 🔥 I WANT SЕХ 💋 F Uc_k me

    this is such a cute showcase

  • 金大英
    金大英 Hace 21 un día

    * We need some longer range tower ! *

  • Juana Burgos
    Juana Burgos Hace 21 un día

    Everything's awesome, except that you have to pay to get the Dragon Lee Sin. You can't even get it by buying the pass...