Arcane: Animation Test

  • Publicado el 9 ago 2022
  • Back in 2015, the Arcane team produced this animation test as proof that they could create something special.
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  • Fabian P.
    Fabian P.  +17

    The crazy fact is: This already looks amazing but the final product looks even better.

  • Yaboi595

    you know a series is solid gold when a

  • David R. B.

    They could have stopped here and said "good enough" and it would have still looked great... but what they ended up making was even more beautiful

  • Eve Page

    I love how they changed Vi's figure to be more of a realistic muscular woman! I love seeing her current design and how far everythings come - and honestly, I look up to Vi as an inspiration for gains in the gym as an afab nb.

  • feeble funkle

    I’m really happy they decided to make Vi more muscular, it makes it more believable that she’d be able to fight with giant, metal gauntlets on her arms.

  • Lapis Lazuli

    I think ultimately going for a darker, more grimy theme/palette really helped solidify the series and set it apart from the League franchise and its competitors (think the brighter, commercial colours of Overwatch, etc.)

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    This animation is already great, but the level of animation in the actual show truly blew this out of the water.

  • Twenty One Tortas

    You know Arcane is an artistic masterpiece when even the drafts and works in between the process of the show’s creation are amazing enough to pass as their own works.

  • Quinten Lujan

    Wow, it’s hard to imagine jace being able to beat Vi in the show. That girl’s a freakin BEAST!

  • Camilo Mejía

    Ok but the final product was such a masterpiece, they improved everything: photography, coreography, design, drawing, storytelling, color palette...

  • nessie
    nessie Hace 28 días +73

    I really like this but I love the current design more.

  • K A C H I Edits

    This version of vi is honestly beautiful and I lover her hair but I still kinda prefer the one in arcane cuz that version just matches the theme so much better

  • 李學禮

    Luckily they didn't use this VI in Arcane the current look of VI in Arcane is perfectly balanced this one look too skinny for a fighter like her. But still, it's amazing to see how the Arcane team worked so hard on the fighting actions to prove themselves back in 2015

  • Awesam Art

    Random Thought: I'm totally glad they decide to share this AFTER the series. This would probably cause a a Riot (ha!) cause some people would probably judge a book by its cover and want it to "be exactly like the source" as they say.

  • Complex Cayman

    Everyone : wow the animation looks amazing.

  • TheSingingBUn

    so glad they revamped their character designs for the show. vi in this version looks like she'll break with just her carrying those gauntlets.

  • Genji
    Genji Hace 14 días +4

    I personally am super hyped for an epic Jayce Vs Viktor fight scene where Viktor sends out all his drones while Jayce tries to attack and dodge Viktor's lightning/laser attacks. I could already picture it in my head how sick that would look

  • Cosmogyre
    Cosmogyre  +93

    Funny enough, since my uncle used to work on League of Legends, he knew about how this show was being made and teased me that there were projects in the works, but he was legally obligated to not say.

  • Tai4Zen7
    Tai4Zen7  +31

    Wow, they should make an animated series.

  • Helixne0
    Helixne0  +77

    This test vs the sevika fight is breathtaking when i can just FEEL the moments from the show where they would have been