Arcane: Bridging the Rift | Part 3 - Killstreaks Meet Keyframes

  • Publicado el 17 ago 2022
  • From paper to post-production, see how Fortiche captured the heart and soul of Arcane on screen.
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Comentarios • 1 151

  • Taylor Ramirez

    "Alright, today we're going to make a 11/12 year old girl cry." And then made millions of adults cry around the world.

  • eric johnson

    More care went into Viktor's toy boat than into a lot of shows.

  • Ctrl Alt Dfeat

    The scene's of young Powder crying in this show is some of the most gut wrenching realistic 'child' cries I have ever experienced in any kind of media. Just seeing the small clips of those scenes here and there in this BTS gives me shivers and makes me emotional.

  • Hermann Abt

    “Should we release a trailer for season 2?”

  • ZeZapatiste

    By the way, "Fortiche" in French is somewhat of a slang word to say "pretty good" in an euphemistic way. After seeing this episode I think it fits them pretty well.

  • Renz Lougie Jose

    Fortiche is definitely one of Riot's Best Investments..... man these guys are legit into almost God-mode in what they are doing

  • Eleonora Boesso

    Not that we didn't know already but the animators are absolute legends. They basically acted out the entire season!

  • Rero
    Rero  +185

    Wait they got a real 10 year old to voice act and she turned out THAT GOOD?!?! HOW IS THAT NOT BEING DISCUSSED MORE

  • Tokihi
    Tokihi  +271

    Mia's performance makes me tear up immediately, genuinely the best acting I've heard from a younger person, and some of the best acting I've seen period, it's so genuine and real and powerful

  • Armin Henkel

    I teared up, when Moïse told us about including his son for the run of young Ekko :')

  • Ahero 435
    Ahero 435  +94

    "It doesn't age because its handcrafted." Hearing this really makes me feel way more comfortable with my art. Comparing myself to industry pros really gets my gears turning for better or for worse..

  • severedproxy

    "every time you pause it, it is a bit of concept art, a beautiful illustration."

  • Jonathan Berrios

    Man.. the guy who worked with his son seems like such a cool dad

  • stcy000
    stcy000  +80

    looking for a VA for Jinx: "we've been looking so long .... let's just pick one and go...... no we can't" why arcane is so near to perfection

  • Sonia’s Way

    So good. The show, the people, this documentation. Everything. Arcane, the gift that keeps on giving.

  • The Composer Himself

    All my respect to all the people who made this possible. This looks absolutely amazing and it still amazes me how incredible the creators are. Stunning!

  • bailey •

    “I really believe that what we’re doing with music in Arcane, season one, has never been done in entertainment. Period”

  • djuan mustard

    Fortiche real animators, no motion capturing. Those reference videos for the animators are so good and touching. That father and son for Ekko, what a story. This episode is such a glimpse on the life and passion of animators in the industry all for art's and audience sake.

  • TlMLl
    TlMLl  +995

    The fact that all of this was done without the help of motion capture is simply mindboggling, mad props to the animators!

  • catloof
    catloof  +27

    the way that fortiche and the animation style of arcane is sort of bringing back some traditional aspects of filmmaking that we don't have anymore thanks to cgi like matte paintings or the prop making but in a more modern way with 3d models and software is amazing. its evocative of the era of sculpting and stop motion with how they texture the models with the paint-like style like if you were making a clay figure. this bts series is great, so glad it got made because it really shows a whole story behind the story that is really worth the watch