Arcane: Bridging the Rift | Part 1 - I Only Dream in Risky

  • Publicado el 3 ago 2022
  • Every great idea sounds a little bit crazy at first. This is how it all began for Arcane.
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  • Elias Schaffels

    "How do you make it look painted?"

  • Rachel Hardy

    "it has potential"

  • Michael Cappelli

    The most critical factor of this entire show was how they handled Jinx. The portrayal of a psychotic character can really make or break a film or series. Nothing is more cringe than a psycho behaving like a nerd at an anime convention. They really took the time to make her believable and not too over the top. Suicide Squad should take some notes.

  • Jade
    Jade  +1

    "i think it has potential"

  • Craft Reaper

    My favorite part is when they asked, "How do you texturize it to look like a painting? ". And she just says, "We paint" (Like what else did you expect 😁)

  • Apple Baron

    The whole story is basically Christian constantly going to Brandon and Marc, like a kid to parents, to ask for more money 😂

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    There’s more to Arcane than just being a well written show, everything from the soundtracks, the execution, the animation, the voice acting, literally everything was a 10/10. You can tell when a show was given 100% of the production team’s efforts.

  • SIMJI Shorts

    Shout out to all the incredible people who worked on this💖 Honestly top 3 favorite shows ever and I can't wait for more!🔥

  • Márcia Costa

    I just want to say that Fortiche really sparked a love for art that I had never felt before. I'm a 2D/3D artist and I've seen beautiful movies and series before, I apreciate art in general and I'm a digital art fanatic. But Arcane? I can't explain it. I've rewatched it multiple times, I search a lot about how they made the show because Fortiche's work, to me, is mesmerizing. I've watched this episode twice already. I feel my stomach rumbling and I feel like tears are about to start flowing everytime I watch it. I really hope they get the recognition they deserve. Their style is unique and every frame of Arcane is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Their previous work is just as good. I really hope I can meet the team someday and thank them for bringing me such joy and helping me in my artistic career. That is for sure one of my biggest wishes. Everytime I need a creative boost this is what I watch. Thank you, Fortiche! ❤

  • Joshua W
    Joshua W  +649

    All I see is passion in this documentary, no corporate milking... such a refreshing thing to witness

  • Johnny Bravo

    This show isn't just the best video game to show adaptation ever, it's literally one of the best show ever made. And the look is to die for: incredible 3D artistry that never feels teched out.

  • Senpai Raijin

    "I think it has potential" BRO, Fortiche has made the GREATEST piece of media Ive seen EVER. The animation, the voice acting, the story telling is beyond 10/10. they made HISTORY

  • The Composer Himself

    All my respect to everyone who were involved in this and all the people who made this possible. This looks absolutely fantastic. Well done! ❤

  • Victor Emisho

    I just wanna take some time out to say that in my eyes, Christian really is the star of this show. I have always loved him but love him even more now seeing how much he believed in and stood up for this show just to make sure Arcane became a reality.

  • Brybuzz Beyblade

    "I think he was a fool, but the excitement he had when he was talking about the show made the difference to me"

  • Kristen Kennard

    i'm moving to LA to study animation in 2 weeks. THIS is what i wanna do, the people behind the scenes of this show have absolutely no idea how much they've influenced and changed my life.

  • Abraham Karel

    I am blown away as to how insanely well thought every scene in the show was, just from the pacing and atmosphere you can already know they planned each and every second carefully. Props to Fortiche and Riots music department, especially, they understood the assignments amazingly well

  • Camp K
    Camp K  +125

    Im very interested for the next episode. Story was the strongest part of Arcane for me, perhaps tied with the inventive animation style. Felt like there was never a wasted scene, so I'm very interested to see what happened between the release of the final product, and that intervention meeting of it almost being canceled

  • Regular Original

    He started off as customer support at riot? That is... crazy. Ended up as Director for Arcane.

  • Виктория Чёрная

    Посмотрев документалку, я вновь иду пересматривать 1 сезон, потому что эти ребята создали шедевр, за что им низкий поклон! С нетерпением жду 2 сезон и следующий выпуск о создании Аркейна :)