Shadow of a Doubt | Star Guardian 2022 - League of Legends

  • Publicado el 27 jul 2022
  • Star Guardians have a brilliant light, but some stagger in the darkness. Can Akali escape her own nightmares?
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  • Pezantri

    This isn't a nightmare, there's a Fiddle main on the other team and Akali has a vision score of 0

  • Bruh
    Bruh  +3

    A little fun fact: the voices you hear from the beginning are actually from Akali's mom in this Star Gaurdian universe. Here her mom is abusive to her, always calling her weak and useless.

  • SunnySplosion

    WAITTTTT NO WAY, this 3d animation is SO good, and this expands on the lore so much. the way akali was dreaming it all paints it as this silent internal battle. i love everything about this

  • KazenXD
    KazenXD  +579


  • Leaf
    Leaf  +545

    It's fun to notice how Kaisa and Morgana share some details, like some twisted mirror.

  • Kana Light
    Kana Light  +257

    I feel for Akali. This cinematic gets to me because I been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks at night. When you suffer anxiety, you are your own worst enemy. Just like the Akali Phantom is the doubt in her.

  • Rimuru Tempest

    Please god, let us get a full action packed cinematic at the end of this event. An ova or anime wouldn’t hurt too.

  • Zilartsy 4
    Zilartsy 4  +148


  • IDEOMOTOR Culture Media

    It has been an honor for Ideomotor Media to participate in the making of this cinematic. Luckily, we got the chance to work on some designs of characters, environments, props and color-keys. We'd like to thank everyone in our team for all support you've given me, and we'd also like to thank Riot Games and Tencent for putting your trust in Ideomotor Media. Together we've finished a gorgeous cinematic, and we hope the good cooperation continues!

  • ᄋᄌᄋN A Y E O N

    In the game, it’s hard to see how much Akali suffers from Fiddlesticks and stuff but this totally redeems it! This is scary!

  • Snowie
    Snowie  +167

    This is a really good example of (a type of) social anxiety, from the way one negative thought leads to another as they spiral out of control, to fighting against yourself and resisting the pull of negative thoughts and emotions trying to drag you down into a place of darkness. Really fills out SG Akali's character between the Twin Stars story and the event story from Kai'sa's POV.

  • Snøw
    Snøw  +132

    The moment the reality broke for her mind and she started falling in shatters, we can see it was the moment kaisa made the deal with Lux and broke the window akali looks through.

  • PulpJedaii
    PulpJedaii  +134

    Can you guys just make a show already please, this story is really cool

  • ñ
    ñ  +56

    I love how akali literallly did the "Akali combo" to her shadow self

  • Henrique Vitoriano

    The fight looks very dynamic, just like akali's main style in the game.

  • Nix Snowsong

    Little detail you may have missed:

  • Chad Bread

    Wish I had a cinematic battle scene in my head when I battle my demons

  • K E N S H I R O

    It is interesting knowing Star Nemesis Morgana is one of Morgana variant who is actually evil instead of having some anti-hero(ine) quality of her sacred version, truly a multiverse of madness

  • ERI the GAMER

    I main akali for a long time, and personally I felt her, being so insecure around others, thinking that no one likes you and no one wants to be your friend. I saw myself in that. I am feeling like that these days. At least I have Akali! 😊 Thank you so much Riot for this cinematic!