New Dreams: Senna’s Vlog - Star Guardian 2022 |

  • Publicado el 26 jul 2022
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Comentarios • 1 111

  • Taliyah
    Taliyah  +5

    Oriana the whole time: 👁👄👁📷

  • Sonya
    Sonya  +3

    Xayah: * having a mental breakdown *

  • Anticlickbait

    I'm glad Xayah is having extra support but nobody can't replace Rakan

  • lelouchviabrittania

    When you're trying to comfort your friend about a serious issue and another friend comes up holding a camera in your face for the vlog

  • Echo Valkyr


  • Echoboomer1987

    “So, you mean to tell me Jaravan and Shyvana are essentially Donkey and Dragon from Shrek?”

  • spec9923

    Me sitting here thinking where getting a series about this

  • udnthot
    udnthot  +3

    “The prince has to save the princess. Those are the rules.” CRYING

  • kairu
    kairu  +1

    If they make a series out of this.. I'm actually gonna lose it lol.

  • Oleh Belozor

    Team: "Sooooo, Xayah, how many mental breakdowns you gonna have every week?"

  • Fe¡gn
    Fe¡gn  +623

    Eyy, seraphine finally going 250% in damage

  • Elwi Eljae
    Elwi Eljae  +571

    Can we appreciate how Seraphine training so hard just so that she can finally do 250% damage just like Senna did in the previous short?

  • Juan Linares

    I just love seeing the development of their relationship, they start spending more time together, Senna calls Seraphine "Sera" instead of the first vlogs "Seraphine". Oriana looks more comfortable, maybe even emotional. So beautiful

  • GenericBird

    Damnit riot, why you gotta make me tear up on my lunch break

  • Wrench
    Wrench  +171

    Star guardian Ahri

  • qwillme
    qwillme  +88

    Senna and sera running after xayah

  • Max imilian

    I love this, but did you guys see that the 'Forbidden flame manga has Shyvana and Jarvan on the cover?

  • Luca
    Luca  +68

    Rakan doesn't even need to be in the videos to be a great character.

  • Brave Lil' Toasty 1273

    Xayah here crying that she can't save her boyfriend like she doesn't know that Riot defunded PvE just for them to have a visual novel about her.

  • Ammar_AZ
    Ammar_AZ  +359

    istg you riot hve to make the series of star guardian like arcane.I would watch it everyday