Pentakill: Mortal Reminder | Official Music Video - League of Legends

  • Publicado el 1 ago 2017
  • Video of Pentakill’s “live musical carnage” in Bandle City, performing Mortal Reminder from the new album Grasp of the Undying, recorded in the catacombs of the Shadow Isles.
    Pentakill official site:
    Alex "Scherzo" Temple - Orchestration on “Mortal Reminder”
    Billy "The Buck" Banjoman - Banjos and Slide Gueetars on "Mortal Reminder"
    Bob "FriendlyRainbow" DeBelina - Production Coordinator
    Christian "Praeco" Linke - Executive Producer, Engineer
    Eugene "kyugene" Kang - Bass Guitars
    Jason "chupacobbler" Willey aka ProtoShredanoid - Lead Guitars
    Joe "Keytar Dragon" Atlan - Keyboards, Piano
    JORN Lande - Vocals on "Mortal Reminder" and "The Bloodthirster"
    F.A.M.E.'S. Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra & Choir - Strings on "Mortal Reminder"
    Mike “PitmanDrums” Pitman - Producer, Drums, Rhythm Guitars, Lead Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, and Synths
    Noora Louhimo - Vocals on "Tear of the Goddess"
    Richard “RickyTee” Thomson - Drums, Rhythm Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Lead Guitars & Synths
    Scott Kirkland - Synths on “The Bloodthirster”
    Smiley Sean - Drum Recording & Engineering
    Viranda "Viranimal" Tantula - Producer
    All Music & Lyrics written by Pentakill.
    Engineered and Produced by Riot Games in Los Angeles, CA and London, UK.
    Mixed and Mastered by Jacob Hansen.
    Blinded by hate brought by the fall
    As I swear death to all
    You will feel my vengeance
    As I claim your mortal soul
    I will punish and destroy
    Those responsible for this ploy
    I will seek a thousand deaths
    I will bring a thousand years of war
    All that I had taken away
    My home is gone, and my love ones slain
    For every sleep claims a piece of me
    Every waking moment, every single dream
    As the masses came
    Like a shadow through this land
    They laid siege to all we ever had
    I stood strong, I was honor bound
    I stand defiant, I stand ever proud
    I am the chosen
    I am the guardian, the guardian
    Now I seek the blood of those
    Who claimed the innocent
    I will hunt the enemy to the last
    I will banish and rejoice
    The final breath of foes
    You will see what you have made
    You will see what I have finally become
    All that I had laid to the waste
    My spirit broken and just memories remain
    For every day claims a piece of me
    Every waking hour claims my inner peace
    My inner peace
    As the masses came
    Like a shadow through this land
    They laid siege to all we ever had
    I stood strong, I was honor bound
    I stand defiant, I stand ever proud
    I am the chosen
    I am the guardian, the guardian
    Smite and Ignite (debut album):
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    Hell yeah you can play as members of the band:

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  • Marcetti
    Marcetti Hace un año +13

    Still can't believe that this cinematic had more Yorick than entire Ruination event

  • hnA iaT
    hnA iaT Hace un año +6

    from kicking Teemo to punching Viego, what a legend band

  • Sturmdrache
    Sturmdrache Hace un año +4

    "You don't mess with Yordles . . . "

  • Stevie
    Stevie Hace un año +3

    Lore: Sir, you're supposed to be 8 feet tall.

  • Áron Tüske
    Áron Tüske Hace un año +8

    Everyone: Plays an actual instrument.

  • Bovine Designs

    I like to imagine they travel around blasting musical numbers in towns around Runeterra. They're not necessarily malicious they just want to share their music with the people of every town they come across. They're just oblivious to the concept of property damage.

  • Owen Brink
    Owen Brink Hace 2 años +2

    Reasons I like this music video:

  • Mohammed
    Mohammed Hace un año +4

    Jungler: Top you fine?

  • Hot Pants
    Hot Pants Hace un año +686


  • Jessica Trott
    Jessica Trott Hace un año +176

    Can we take a moment to appreciate Jorn Lande's amazing and powerful voice

  • You Tube
    You Tube  +292

    Kayle is truly an angel for kicking that hellspawn.

  • I Forgot
    I Forgot Hace un año +14

    When Kayle finishes farming at level 16 and finally comes to team fight.

  • Heidelberg2000
    Heidelberg2000 Hace un año +366


  • Theinen84
    Theinen84 Hace un día +9

    5 years later and i still love this video and the detail they put in it. They even have Sona giving Morde the speed buff so he can hit that solo lmao

  • Federico Del Sala

    After seeing Pentakill's tattoos in the Arcane series ... I want more music videos from this band !!

  • Isabela Barri
    Isabela Barri Hace un año +327

    Vim aqui dizer que eu te amo pentakill antiga, nunca te esquecerei ♥

  • Sean
    Sean Hace un año +61

    Morderkaisers entrance

  • Pants Are Hats
    Pants Are Hats Hace un año +6

    KDA: Ok the fans want more, we gonna give them more

  • Michael haris
    Michael haris Hace un año +744

    Olaf hitting Rocks be like:

  • Isaiah McKinley
    Isaiah McKinley Hace un año +52

    I love this so much and it's even more grateful seeing Karthus and Sona float around.