A Whole New (Dragon)land | Mid-Set Preview - Teamfight Tactics

  • Publicado el 31 ago 2022
  • Soar to distant shores of the Dragonlands in TFT’s latest mid-set, Uncharted Realms.
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  • Anaël Savalle

    I love the fact that tft doesn’t limit to champions but includes mob like the drake or nomsy

  • ChamPropaganda


  • Riper010
    Riper010  +155

    Hopefully the next League Patch will have the same amount of effort put in like this new TFT set.

  • Mercury
    Mercury  +15

    Super hyped! A little worried about the Lagoon Dragon being a mage, but still super hyped🔥

  • Vivian Rivera

    I don't really play Teamfight Tactics (because I'm so bad at it lol) but I do have quite a massive respect for Riot, so honestly everything they create, update and patch is usually buffing the quality of the game, even if it's just a little at a time, it makes LoL so much better and more fun to play (and probably the same for TFT)

  • Eixw0w
    Eixw0w Hace 21 un día

    Love the new arenas

  • Shaco
    Shaco  +69

    Those TFT Legends are having more and more lore than Shaco.

  • JanPan
    JanPan  +11

    I see rengar and rell and i actually like the overwatch treatment

  • Vivian Rivera

    Looks nice. But I'm still sad I'm favorite build (Revel/Cannon) is gone.

  • Vince Lumontad

    That looks pure unadulterated majestic

  • Clara -My New Private vidoe

    I liked the part where they explain each trait...

  • Rainer Ranis

    i dont even play this game, just love all cinematics

  • Hira
    Hira  +191

    now imagine if they put in that much effort on league of legends

  • Tyler Stormborn
    Tyler Stormborn Hace 28 días

    TFT literally the best thing that came form RITOOOO, cmon girls. SLAY

  • Ana M
    Ana M  +1

    Nice preview as always, but would be nice if it wasn't just music and for there to actually be explanations for what's new.

  • senura seiz

    This is beautiful and gorgeous

  • Ahmad Fadli
    Ahmad Fadli Hace 21 un día +1

    The best game, but such a shame doesn’t available in Malaysia.

  • 大猫给姆

    Rengar finally returning to tft ever since the first patch

  • Vera Rodrigues

    Um sonho de consumo. Virá mesmo?