New Dreams: Orianna’s Vlog - Star Guardian 2022 |

  • Publicado el 19 jul 2022
  • My_First_Video_Diary_V4.0.mp4
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Comentarios • 1 123

  • Brave Lil' Toasty 1273

    "I'm starting to believe anything can be fixed"

  • Gold Light

    The first time Orianna gets any relevant lore in years and it's an AU... I'll take what I can get, I suppose.

  • KatsumiKei

    Xayah's last line :(

  • Lunalia
    Lunalia  +1

    "I hope you're right" broke my heart

  • Jason Crosby

    Seeing seraphine fly on her stage/hoverboard looked kinda sick.

  • Blue
    Blue  +2

    Seeing her emotions as she holds tocker breaks my heart, I don't wanna see a sad ori. I love how she's becoming more human like in this universe 💙😭

  • Rosishii
    Rosishii  +955

    Oriana's smile while she dances at the beginning is so... Idk it just makes me really happy seeing her smile

  • Chimmisaurus

    Why are the wild rift ones more interesting? I'm sad and pissed at the same time

  • sid.
    sid.  +307

    i love the detail they add to her voice, when she said

  • Angel Santos

    Seraphine Senna Orianna Rakan and Xayah. By far my favorite Star Guardian Team❤️

  • King Ansah
    King Ansah  +117

    Seraphine fighting on her board was kinda cool ngl

  • purple nutria

    Man i dont undert why riot dont take more of their effort in series, i dont say just arcane(amazing btw) their multiverse is amazing too.

  • Robi G
    Robi G  +73

    Seraphine's short 2 second action scene is so cool

  • Dark SLAYER

    Honestly, I'm liking the wild rift squad waaay more. Anyone else feel that way?

  • Princess Bree Minecraft

    Orianna is so cute💕 Love how she’s learning to become a human

  • Valaceya
    Valaceya  +266

    Even for a short this was a beautiful animation. I hope there's more to come!

  • Uh-huh
    Uh-huh  +256

    That is literally what i imagined while playing that rpg on wildrift 🤣

  • Dev C.
    Dev C.  +70

    Xayah’s last line was even more saddening :(

  • Sogdiana Zholdasbek

    Jeez She is so adorable and caring ❤️

  • Benjamin Vinson

    Xayah misses Rakan so much :(